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Booking 2023 Shows Now

  2lofi4u has been producing and distributing lo-fi music for several years now. We have a dedicated fan base and a reputation for bringing fresh and innovative sounds to audiophiles. However, we also recognize that there is a demand for live performances, and we want to bring unique sounds to audiences all over the world.

  That's why we've decided to expand our services to include live booking. We want to give artists the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences and connect with their fans on a deeper level.

Booking Inquires :

  Matthew Mercury is a story. A story about keeping the light on and having a vision. Matthew Mercury pays homage to the feeling of New York narratives a la Lou Reed, punctuated by Television-like guitar signatures, while making a detour out to the earnest romance of Springsteen's darkened trestles, all the while genuflecting to the artistry of Brill Building-esque hooks. Born out of a songwriting and production partnership between Matt Dublin and Ezra Oklan, Matthew Mercury aims to celebrate stories threaded into catchy choruses with an overall pop delivery that no healthy person can resist. What can I say about these guys that won't sound like more swirling arpeggios of sophistry, except play their sound. Loud. You will understand. And don't get mad if they get stuck in your head and turn your light on too.

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