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    In the Summer of 2006 after Ezra and Brad had left the project, Pasha had regrouped. Chris had come back from Montana and Seattle and the time was a good one for the band.    They had just released The Pig Sun and were riding high on the better press and praise for the record. Feeling as though they should continue recording in the same way they made The Pig Sun, Milo and Chris hit record for a few days and after all the editing was through came out the other side with hours of potential material.

   Recorded in the same way as the pig sun sessions, Way to Go Glove is 60 songs of improvised song structures, with Milo drumming to Chris’s on the spot melodies, bizarre lyrics and on the fly chord progressions. After a couple of months of overdubs, what’s left is three 20 song recordings of beatlesque harmonies, lo-fi guitars and plenty of misguided clarinets.

  “The lo fi triple album was lauded by beatnik...etc etc as the best recording of that year”

   Some of these songs were later re recorded for The releases “this is your life” UK and “This is your life” US..hear them in their original incarnations recorded just as the band were beginning to hit their “Lo fi stride”.


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