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The Pig Sun (2006) 

  After their abrupt *180 from local recording project/.Backyard party band to internationally known early 2000’s Meme (before such a thing existed) the boys played some shows in the skewed bright lights, realized fame wasn’t all its cracked up to be, dropped everything and scattered to assorted corners of the country.

  Drummer Ezra Oklan and Bassist Brad Vargo went on to other projects, while Chris spent time in Montana and Seattle and Milo stayed in Vermont.

After a few months of recording and General Seattle merriments, Chris had run out of funds, took a bus to Montana, got a night time job as a cashier and saved some money to travel somewhere else..

  Milo had been making videos for some of the available Pasha material and Chris felt inspired to return to Vermont.

  When the pair began creating again, they started a recording process they nicknamed “pig sun method” which consists of setting up one microphone, hitting record and playing 2-3 hour long takes of drums (Milo) and Guitar (Chris) improvisations while both parties yelled out wordless, off the cuff melodies over the chords and rhythms live to tape.. And Later trying to guess what words the vocal yelping sounded most like and writing down those words in a manner that would describe emotional experiences.

  Finally many overdubs of vocal harmonies, Clarinets, keyboard, bass and guitars would be assembled over these “skeletons of drums and guitar chord progressions” and edited according to what would suit the song.

This resulted in a handful of songs of varying influences, moods, tempos and kaleidoscopic energies-That would go on to generate a small, but substantial buzz in America and the U.K. - And prove to a comfortable few that this was not just a “Meme-able band” but a musical collective of capable and heartfelt multi-instrumental storytellers.

  The story of The Pig Sun is one of a band not only seizing an opportunity, but funneling the life experiences gained from that opportunity into a different and interesting future.

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