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Zoom 2


Week 4.

The song is :"Zoom 2" from the upcoming album "Hidden Hits"

It's a sexier version of the song Zoom from "This is your Life UKep"

It's now live on the website and will be in stores & streaming next week.

If you missed the first three songs

"Oh I'm...Wound Like a Clock"

"JIB (Redux)"

"People Who Tin"

They are available on the Spotify playlist @


FUN FACT: Zoom 2 was featured on original Myspace TV show Roommates.

"Roommates was web series created by Iron Sink Media for MySpace which ran from October 2007 through May 2008. It was dubbed the "first original series" created for MySpace, and was sponsored by Fresh Look contact lenses and the Ford Motor Company, whose 2008 Ford Focus was featured prominently in the show. Roommates has been reported to have been one of the more successful web series in terms of its audience, with in excess of 25 million views."


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